Use these resources to learn more about climate action at the local level.

PCA slide decks and videos

Check out the slide decks and video from PCA events:

  • Slide decks and video from Cities Climate Summit II held on May 11, 2019 on Mercer Island.
  • Cities Climate Summit Slide deck (25Mb) held on November 17, 2018 in Kirkland.

Other resources

We recommend the following resources:

City Council Emails

The following table contains the email addresses for each city’s council. Send them an email to let them know your interests, concerns and expectations about how they are addressing their greenhouse gas emissions.

CityCity Council Email
KenmoreKenmore doesn't provide a single email address for their council. Individual council member emails are available from their City Council page.
Port of SeattleOn-line Commission contact form
SnoqualmieThere is no single email address for the Snoqualmie city council. Individual council member emails are available.