Use the following resources to learn more about climate action at the local level.

The Climate Action Priorities for Cities Workbook

PCA slide decks, videos, and recordings

Check out these resources from PCA events:

Resources about climate action in cities

  • The Carbon-Free City Handbook is an outstanding guide from the Rocky Mountain Institute (Nov 2017).
  • Portland, OR’s Climate Action Plan lists over 150 actions and indicates the relative carbon-reducing potential of the actions, along with flagging actions that can improve other environmental issues, the economy, health, and/or equity.
  • Seven Challenges for Energy Transformation, summary. This report maps seven critical areas for energy sector transformation and calls for breakthrough global climate action (Rocky Mountain Institute, Nov 2019).
  • Translating Climate Science Into Action, a blog post from C40 Cities that describes a couple of reports including For Cities By Cities: Key Takeaways for City Decision Makers from the IPCC 1.5°C Report. C40 Cities is a worldwide network of cities taking climate action and sharing information to increase the knowledge available to all cities.
  • Cascadia Climate Action Calendar lists important climate-related events in our region.

Resources about reducing emissions from the building sector

Along with transportation, the building sector is one of the major sources of climate emissions in cities. The following resources outline key steps for reducing emissions in buildings: