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Portland Is Addressing Their GHG Emissions

Portland, Oregon

King County is not the only city, county or region working toward dramatic greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions. Many other locales are paving the way and are finding considerable success. Lots can be learned from these cases that can be applied to K4C signatories. Portland, OR is an example of a city making a significant commitment to reducing their GHG footprint and is similar in a number of ways to cities in our region.

Growth doesn’t have to result in increased GHG.

Portland’s total GHG emissions have declined 19% since 2007 while their population and jobs have climbed! *

Bellevue and Portland have similar
sources of GHG emissionsEmissions for Bellevue WA and Portland OR


→ Portland and the K4C have the exact same 2050 goal:
80% GHG Reduction

Portland knows how they’re going to get there…

How do we get there?

Based on baseline measurements, Portland understands where they need to reduce to get to 80% reduction.

171 climate actions

Over 170 actions have been identified and are being pursued to achieve their GHG reduction goals.

Key points About Reducing Our Greenhouse Gas Emissions

  1. Must be based on full assessment and measurement of current GHG sources
  2. Requires development of Climate Action Plan to understand how, based on baseline measurements, GHG reductions will be pursued
  3. Execute the CAP and measure, adjust, and then measure again!!

It all starts with city budget allocations for a climate action plan! Contact your city council to express your interest in meaningful greenhouse gas reductions based on a climate action plan.

* All Portland data acquired from the City of Portland website.
** All Bellevue data acquired from the City of Bellevue Environmental Stewardship Initiative Strategic Plan.